I feel privileged to serve on the City Council. I enjoy every minute of public service, especially when speaking with many of you on important issues.

-Susan Farber

Dubuque City Council // Ward 1



So happy for you and happy for us to have you as part of our City Council.


I am a small-business owner, as is my daughter, and Susan understands our daily lives and the issues we confront trying to operate successfully.


Congratulations, Susan! I am so thrilled for you and excited for what your vast experiences will bring to the City Council!


In addition to her business acumen, she has gained insight into various operations that factor into the economic growth of our community by serving on the boards of the following institutions: Dubuque Initiatives, Finley Hospital, Heritage Works, and the University of Dubuque.


I have had the fortunate opportunity to have known and worked with Susan for many years. She is a brilliant, hard-working and dedicated individual. Susan is a doer with a significant sense of clever innovation. These are exceptional characteristics that will serve the council and our entire community well.


I have known Susan Farber for many years, both in a professional setting and as a friend ... She has a great business sense and much experience in a variety of business settings.

I hope you will consider voting for Susan for the Dubuque City Council First Ward seat.

GERI SHAFER someone who has lived across the globe, Susan brings insight and knowledge of the immediate struggles facing us at this point and the long-term needs to bring hope and resilience for the future in Dubuque.


Knowing Susan for many years, I can attest that she is deeply committed to our city: past, present and future. She is forward-thinking and her presence on the council will not be 'same old.'


Magoo's Crew Member + Recent Wahlert Grad

It has been a pleasure working for both Susan and Bernie. The past two and half years working at Magoo’s has shaped my work ethic. I don’t think that I would have gotten as far as I have without the values you two have instilled in me. Thank you!


"I've worked for Susan Farber for more than 4 years."

At Magoo's Pizza, Susan always takes extra time to mentor employees. She shares her passion for business and is on a mission to help her team succeed both personally and professionally. It’s fun to see old team members come back to share news of their success or just grab their favorite pizza.

Susan brings out the best in everyone. I admire that about her. Susan has always had my back so I will always have hers! 

Please join me in supporting Susan Farber for Ward 1 City Council.


I have known Susan Farber and her family for almost a lifetime. Not only has Susan had a great deal of business success, but she’s also never forgotten where she came from. I trust Susan. She is the candidate that will look at a problem, investigate it thoroughly, and bring it to a proper conclusion on our behalf.

ABOUT SUSAN FARBER // Accessible / Accountable

It is my long-standing personal desire to give back to my hometown.

Susan Farber, of 1755 Overview Court, was elected to the Dubuque City Council in a special election in March 2021 to represent the city’s First Ward.

She holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, a master’s degree in business administration from George Washington University, and attended the AMP Executive MBA Program at Harvard Business School. Susan and her husband, Dr. Bernie Saks, own Magoo’s Pizza in Dubuque.

A Dubuque native and small business owner, Susan is an experienced leader with a 20-year track record directing high-tech corporations, both domestically and internationally. She’s broken the glass ceiling during her career in tech and wants to pave the way for future Dubuque leaders.

She serves on the boards of:

  • the University of Dubuque,
  • Finley Hospital/Unity Point, and
  • Heritage Works.

She promises to represent the citizens of Dubuque with endless energy and commitment as well as an open mind.

Susan and Bernie live in their Overview Court home with Mr. Magoo, a fun-loving Cavachon Dog --  part King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, part Bichon Frisé.

She celebrates Dubuque.

Susan has been cheering on Dubuque since her freshman year!


She mentors young people.

Susan and her husband (Dr. Bernie Saks) own Magoo’s Pizza where they mentor young people and provide opportunities to college students to learn about running their own business.

There's nothing more rewarding to me than mentoring students and seeing them grow. It's uncanny how much I learn from my team in return, and how much their personal creativity spurs us on. More than a pizza place, we are a winning team where we hold ourselves and each other accountable as people and professionals.

-Susan Farber

She has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Following in her father's (Frank Farber of Farber Bag and Supply) entrepreneurial footsteps, Susan has opened two successful small businesses: the Red House Art Gallery on Cable Car Square and Magoo's Pizza Restaurant and Food Truck.

Small businesses are the heart of Dubuque, and I intend to focus on job loss recovery + workforce recruitment for Dubuque.

-Susan Farber

Historic preservation seeks to rehab and stabilize our older districts, enhancing housing choices and creating neighborhoods where residents are close to work. Mixed use buildings, both residential and and commercial are key to the preservation of Dubuque's heritage.

My passion for Dubuque’s preservation is on display through my small business, The Red House Art Gallery. Here I am in 2008 with my father, Frank Farber, as we celebrated the expansion of the cable car brownstone gallery building in historic downtown Dubuque.

-Susan Farber

Dubuque City Council // Ward 1

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